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The American Band Live! CD is the American Band's first CD recording. The tracks in this CD were recorded “in concert” over the period October 6, 1991 through October 25 1998 and include performances conducted by our former conductor, Dr. Francis Marciniak, as well as our current conductor, Dr. Gene Pollart.

This CD is not available in stores, but may be purchased at all of our concerts for the incredibly low price of $10. Be the first on your block to own a copy! Mail order requests are also accepted via e-mail, cash or checks only (make checks payable to the American Band). Please add $2.00 for postage and handling on mail order requests.

CD Contents

1. Festive Overture  - D. Shostakovitch 6:53
2 - 6. Of Sailors and Whales  - W.F. McBeth 14.29  
7.  Overture on themes from the Wizard of Oz - H. Arlen & E.Y. Harburg  arr. J. Barnes 6:31
8. National Emblem March – E.E. Bagley 2:58
9. Elsa’s Procession to the Cathedral - R. Wagner  transcribed by L. Calliet 6:36  
10. Funiculi Funicula – L. Denza  arr. A. Reed 2:03
11. The Fairest of the Fair March  – J.P. Sousa         3:34 
12. Gershwin! – arr. Barker 6:43 
13. His Honor March – H. Fillmore  ed. F. Fennell 3:13
14. Amazing Grace – trad. Arr. F. Ticheli 5:16  
15. The Stars and Stripes Forever – J.P. Sousa 3:42 
16. America the Beautiful – S. Ward  arr. c. Dragon    3:26  

 Total Time:  


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